Who's us?

Who's the girl? And the guy? Or the dog?! Without revealing our true identities, let me introduce our climbing and travelling family of three.

Cranky Mama 

That's me, the author of Cranky Climbing. I've been climbing for a couple of years now, mostly in Finland and Southern Europe. I have more power than technique and a slowly fading fear of heights, which is why bouldering of all climbing styles is closest to my heart.


My hero. Has been climbing in Europe and other parts of the world for ages. Or at least it sometimes feels like that! Started climbing by bouldering, but nowadays it's hard to persuade him to climb anything that isn't at least ten times taller than he is.


N is our dog, the funniest and most positive one on the planet! Because of her jolly personality, people usually mistake her for a puppy. In fact she's already an elderly lady, who's just making the most of her life as a caravanning dog.


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