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Cranky Climbing isn't just a grasping blog. I also offer graphics and textual content for web from a climber to climbers, hikers, travelers and others, who live their lives outdoors all around the world.

Texts and illustrations for web ‒ why do you need me?

Let's say, that you've made a career out of what you love ‒ rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, caravanning or travelling in general. But your customers just don't seem to find you!

That's where I come in. In addition to being a blogger, I'm a skilled copywriter, who can fill up your website with selling and search engine optimized textual content in no time. I can help you out with that in English as well as in Finnish.

To go with the flowing text, I'd suggest some fancy graphics. Together the text and graphics tend to have a more customer-luring effect than just the plain old text, no matter how good the text is. If that sounds good to you, I can design and draw you a fully scalable logo or other illustrations.

To summarize it all, I will provide you with:
  • professionally written texts for web
  • search engine optimization (SEO) of texts, URLs, links, and images
  • high quality vector illustrations

Check out my work samples!

This blog serves as one of the work samples I'm most proud of. All content and graphics are created by me, if not stated otherwise. During the past year the number of the blog's monthly visitors has grown steadily as a result of well-written content and SEO. As for more visual references, take a look on my VectorStock portfolio.


Feel free to contact me from anywhere in the world – I'm best reached by e-mail I prefer working remotely, so there's no need for neither of us to use our non-renewable resources in order to meet up face to face.


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