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The Finnish Climbing Season Peaks In The Autumn

As a Finnish climber I love Finland and all the wonderful cliffs and boulders we have hidden in the woods here. But let's be honest: climbing season is short in Finland. Some devoted climbers might get a few outdoor sessions even in the winter, but early autumn is definitely more enjoyable for a rock climbing tourist. If you decide to visit Finland and want to get as much as possible out of your climbing holiday, I'd say book your flights to Helsinki in August or September. Why? For two reasons: precipitation and temperature. Statistics show, that precipitation in all of Finland drops dramatically towards the end of August, while average temperature is still above 10 ℃. Considering these two facts, the last weeks of August and first weeks of September are best suited for visiting multiple cliffs without knowing much of their conditions beforehand. Precipitation is an important factor, because some of our finest overhangs are shady and tend to drip long after rain. Lammi , F