3 Places To Go Bouldering Near Barcelona, Spain

Are you on a road trip or holiday in Spain and looking for good places to go bouldering near Barcelona? In that case I can recommend three fields of rocks worth checking out: El Cogul, Savassona and Can Boquet. They provide an excellent escape from the bustling city for a day or two, but without having having to sit in the car for more than a couple of hours.

What's best is, that bouldering near Barcelona is more or less possible throughout the winter. While we visited the Catalonian boulders in April on our way from Alcañiz to Fontainebleau, you might as well get some climbing done even during the coldest months of the year.

Let me share you our experiences on bouldering at El Cogul, Savassona and Can Boquet!

El Cogul

Starting from the blocks closest to Alcañiz, El Cogul is a sunny hillside about 160 km West from Barcelona. There are several sectors, which are all scattered along a single road roaming the outscirts of the village El Cogul.

The first sectors are easy to spot even from car. However, all of them are located within a short walk from the main road and can be found by following clear paths.

Me and T spent two days bouldering at El Cogul exploring the sectors Beer Action and Mestre Mutent. The weirdly homogeneous gray slabs at sector Mestre Mutent make an easy introduction to bouldering at El Cogul, whereas Beer Action offers more variative problems to solve. As for El Cogul guidebook, Lleida Climbs provided us all necessary information to find and climb the blocks.

Sector Mestre Mutent at El Cogul
The gray slabs at Mestre Mutent feature many lines, that are more or less alike.

Boulder at sector Beer Action, El Cogul
Beer Action is clearly a popular sector, but as a downside the rock is very worn in places.


In contrast to the slippery limestone at El Cogul, the shady forest in Guilleries-Savassona natural park about 80 km North of Barcelona treasures a band of rough sandstone blocks. According to 27Crags there are hundreds of unique problems, but in reality we're speaking of a couple of dozen boulders, each featuring one-two interesting problems.

While Savassona turned out not to be a dream destination for a two-week's climbing holiday, bouldering at Savassona does offer an easy access, good landings, short distances and many wonderful problems to solve.

Boulder at Savassona
Especially Crank (6b) stuck to my mind as one of the classics at Savassona. 

There are also some sport routes in Savassona. The tough-looking lines are bolted on a pair of huge boulders sitting at the edge of the forest, but the mega boulders seem to attract more regular tourists than climbers – during the three days we spent bouldering at Savassona, me and T never saw anyone climb them.

Can Boquet

After Savassona, bouldering at Can Boquet offered us a bit of a surprise. Barcelona being only about 30 km away, me and T were expecting a more urban setting, but found a beautifully peaceful field of rocks in a forest next to a vineyard. You can even spot the Mediterranean Sea glittering in the horizon!

The rock at can Boquet is rougher than hell, though – almost like at Sintra, Portugal. Luckily the problems are good and the grainy rock doesn't actually feel that painful, when you get used to it.

Boulder at Can Boquet
The Roof (4+) is a lot of fun and serves well as a warm up for the tougher problems too.

Boulders at Can Boquet
The weird-looking blobs popping out of the boulders at Can Boquet make holds, that you don't often see outdoors. 

In case you find yourself running low on chalk at this point of the tour, there's a climbing shop within a short drive from Can Boquet. Esports Dom is located in Mataró and has an endless stock of chalk as well as good selection of climbing shoes, brushes and even crash pads. That's where me and T bought everything we needed before leaving Spain and heading towards the famous Fontainebleau.

That's all for now. If you know of any other places to go bouldering near Barcelona, use the comment box to share your experiences on them!


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