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6 Weeks Of Bouldering In Alcañiz, Spain: Part 2

I'm writing this as me and T are finally driving away from Alcañiz. In the end we spent two whole months bouldering in Alcañiz and I have to say, leaving those magnificent sandstone blocks behind makes me feel blue. The peaceful hills crusted with an endless amount of brushed and unbrushed boulders, stable weather and the small, but lively town definitely gets a grip of you. As promised in my previous post about bouldering in Alcañiz , I'll now share some practical tips to make your climbing holiday even more enjoyable. In this post I'm going to concentrate on what you should pack in your backpack, camping in Alcañiz as well as where to get food, water and a decent meal after grinding on the smooth Spanish rock. Crash Pads, Shoes, Chalk... What Do You Need And Where To Get It? When you're about to go bouldering in Alcañiz, make sure to take plenty of everything from home. There is no real climbing shop in Alcañiz, altough chalk and brushes can be found from lo