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Multi Pitch Climbing In El Chorro: Part 1

You know the "it", that calls you back to a crag time after time? Yeah. The sunny face of Frontales in El Chorro truly has that. This time it summoned me and T to climb some badass multi pitch with a mesmerizing view and clear sky. We went up and down the two hundred meters high wall several times, so I decided to divide our experiences in two different posts.  First I'm going to tell you a bit more general info about multi pitch climbing in El Chorro as well as share some tips and recommendations on multi pitch routes near the gorge. After that, I'll move on to the routes near the wicked cave of Poema Roca . You can think of the posts as my non-material Christmas present to all of you looking for a great autumn or winter climbing destination! There are multi pitch routes at several sectors in El Chorro. So: what's it like to climb multi pitch on limestone, that varies both in color and quality? In general, I'd say at least great. Definitely worth

Spending the Holidays on the Road? Try These Cheap and Simple DIY hacks!

Celebrating Christmas is a traditional and fun thing to do. But spending the holidays in a motorhome is pretty far from most people's idea of the cinnamon smelling fiesta . As a climber, you're probably parked at some rural spot in the mountains, where you can't even play Jingle Bells from YouTube! You also want to continue the addictive lifestyle as long as possible, so spending a big amount of money in celebrating Christmas isn't an option. So, how to celebrate Christmas on the road? On low budget? Here's a few cheap and easy alternatives to whatever traditions you and your family have. Start early with a DIY advent calendar You might be a little late for this year, but December is coming next year, too. And don't worry, crafting an advent calendar with these instructions is as quick as it is easy! All you need is: some felt sewing thread a needle  a pair of scissors a marker pen something to fill the calendar with Why felt? It's easy to cut

Climbing the Mighty Slab Of El Turon

The headline says it all. Known for the distinguishing gray slab, El Turon offers many beautiful and delicate lines to climb in a serene rural milieu. In parts, the solid limestone with all it's furrows even reminds me of Verdon Gorge ! Not interested in any slippery slabs, huh? Don't stop reading! As a less climbed neighbor of El Chorro , El Turon is nowhere near polished. When friction is on your side, it's easy to enjoy the small dimples and slopy lumps, that lead you from one shining bolt to another. Not once did I notice a hand or a foot slipping during the week we spent climbing in El Turon. Mighty or not, the slab of El Turon clearly doesn't interest everybody. If you end up in El Turon, try at least these: Floja y pendulona (5+), some 6b+ around the corner, Acosa y derribo (6a) and Sombra Gris (6b). In my opinion, those routes are the essence of the place! Floja Y Pendulona (5+) is in between two other easy routes, that are worth climbin