El Chorro Climbing Shop: Where To Buy Climbing Gear In El Chorro?

Let's imagine, that you're on a road trip and heading towards the world-famous El Chorro to do some climbing. But you're missing a guidebook and a few extra quickdraws would be nice, too. Perhaps you also discovered, that your rope is too short for the lengthy routes. So, where to buy a topo and other climbing gear in El Chorro?

El Chorro
A Proper guidebook is a must, when visiting the massive gorge of El Chorro.

Option number one is to visit the climbing shop in El Chorro. The shop is called Aventur El Chorro and it's located about 3,5 kilometers uphill from El Chorro train station. There's a small selection of climbing gear and clothes for sale.

You can also buy El Chorro climbing guidebook from Aventur El Chorro, like we did. Our version of El Chorro guidebook also covers Desplomilandia and Valle de Abdalajis, and in January 2018 the topo cost 25 euros. I consider the price very reasonable, even though some of the photos could be quite a bit more accurate.

El Chorro climbing guidebook
Enjoying the brand new El Chorro guidebook while eating some breakfast.

In case you can't find everything you want from Aventur El Chorro, there's a climbing shop in Malaga as well. The rumor is, that there's actually a couple of them, but me and T only visited the one at the BeClimb climbing center. We were purposely trying to avoid driving to the city center with our RV, so the Be Climb climbing center's location in the outskirts of Malaga suited us more than well.

The shop at BeClimb climbing center is well equipped and the prices are what I'd call normal. 
There's a great variety of quickdraws, carabiners, slings, ropes, climbing shoes and whatnot. Unfortunately they were out of stock of Petzl Djinn Axess quickdraws with 17 cm slings and Petzl Ange Finesse quickdraws, which we were looking for. Instead, T bought a set of Pezl Spirit 3D Express draws and I decided to make acquaintance with Qi'Rok Elektra draws. Qi'Rok is a brand I hadn't heard of before, but I think it's refreshing, that BeClimb also sells climbing gear manufactured by someone else than Petzl, Black Diamond or DMM.

Apart from Aventur El Chorro and BeClimb, Decathlon also sells some climbing gear. For those of you, who aren't familiar with the chain: Decathlon is a hypermarket of sports gear.
There's a Decathlon in almost every city in southern Europe, including Malaga.
That being said, Decathlon almost solely sells Simond's climbing gear. Simond is a cheap brand and the climbing shoes are a joke, but helmets, ropes and carabiners have proven to be worth their price.

Simond's climbing helmet
For 24,99 euros, Simond's helmet is a bargain.

If you have some other and/or updated info about this topic, feel free to write it down on the comment box below. The reason I wrote this post is, that me and T spent quite a while googling on where to buy climbing gear in or near El Chorro. Hopefully this post helps you to avoid all the driving around and focus on climbing instead!

Hungry for more information about climbing around El Chorro? Check out the post "3 excuses NOT to climb (in El Chorro)" and "the Andalucian Eldorado of overhanging walls".


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