Cranky Mountain, The Saint Of Climbing As Hard As You Can

Dear readers, let me introduce you to Cranky Mountain. He's the saint of all feisty, gutsy, persistent and of course cranky climbers. From this day forward, you should sacrifice Him some skin from your fingertips each and every time you go climbing. In return, you He will bless you with the push, that helps you to conquer your latest project.

At the moment Cranky Mountain appears on my profile pic, but in the future He'll play a bigger part in the blog's appearance.

As you propably noticed, I'm feeling pretty exceited about Mr. Mountain and His muscular forearms. To be truly honest, He's actually not a saint, but more like a mascot or a logo. I've been working on Him during the past weeks and hopefully you guys like the way He looks. I know, that He's a bit rough on the edges, but I consider it a part of His charm.

Why do I want to introduce you to Cranky Mountain? 
Simply, because I feel like the blog needs to stand up from the crowd a bit better. Cranky Climbing isn't just another travel blog and I want it to show. This blog isn't about me, but about you, my devoted readers and occasional visitors. I write Cranky Climbing to help you find the perfect crag and to give you tips on how to make the most out of living in an RV.

To me, Cranky Mountain symbolises everything mentioned above. I'm sure, that Mr. Mountain's looks will update at some point in the future, but for now He's good as He is. Maybe I'll give Him a surf board, when I learn to ride the waves properly, haha. (Seriously, would you like me to start writing about surfing as well?)

Anyway, that's all for now. You can expect the looks of this blog to slowly change, but I'll keep on writing about climbing and everything I consider useful to you, my fellow dirtbags. While you wait for the next post, remember to climb hard and rest well!


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