1 Year Of RV Life In Numbers

It's time for some celebration! Why? Because we've been on the road for a whole year now. On 1. of October 2017 we left Finland for the first time with our RV and the trip hasn't come to an end yet. During the spring we slowly started heading back to Finland, stayed there from mid-June to mid-September and now we're back in Portugal. But for the whole year, our loyal Rimor Katamarano 4 has served as a home for the three of us.

12 months on the road and still counting.

About the numbers then. I think quite many of you are curious about some details concerning our little journey, right? Or at least those of you, who are planning on doing a similar escape from the numbing 9-to-5 life. So, let me share these few statistics with you, that we've gathered during the year.

25500 kilometers and 2500 liters of Diesel

Whoah. Big numbers, but so is the RV. On it's own, our home weights about 3,5 tonnes and of course the actual weight with all our stuff is a lot more. This pretty much explains why the fuel consumption has been somewhere around 9,8 l/100 km on average. And why so many kilometers? Well, it includes the over 4000-kilometer drive between Finland and southernmost Europe times three.

Exactly 10 000 km on the meter after leaving Finland.

During the last 12 months, we've also spent roughly 3200 euros just on Diesel. Sounds like a huge amount of money, but I guess you always have some regular expenses no matter where you live. I do like the thought of paying for an occasional seaside view or a quiet spot to look at the sunset, though. At least compared to paying 670 euros for a 16 m2 flat in the middle of Helsinki.

Enjoying the view from our kitchen.

16 countries

Most of the year we've spent in Spain and Portugal, but we've visited many different countries on the way. Apart from Spain and Portugal, we also spent some time climbing in Verdon, Chamonix and Fontainebleau in France as well as around the famous Elbsandstein area in Germany/Czech Republic. Plus a few-hours' visit on the Italian side of the border for some multi pitch and Alpine climbing during our stay in Chamonix.

Feels like home already!

When it comes to the other 11 countries, we just drove through or stayed there for a night or two. On the first time we drove Via Baltica through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic both ways, and this autumn we decided to head south via Sweden, Denmark,Germany etc. On the way from Spain to Finland we also happened to make a short pit-stop in Andorra, because I missed a turn (or two) while driving.

None of the coutries we visited require an international drivers licence or a visa. We had our passports checked a few times when crossing a border, but that's about it. Oh, and N (our dog) has a passport of her own as well to be able to travel with us. She had to be vaccinated and chipped before we left Finland and it's all marked on the passport.

10 bottles of gas

We have two 11 kg steel bottles of gas with us, and we use the gas for cooking and heating. The refridgerator is also gas-fueled, but during the longer drives we let the fridge use electricity to keep itself cool. It's hard to say wether it's the stove, refridgerator or Trumatic that spends most gas or if 10 bottles is a lot or not. What do you think?

When it comes to the price of gas, it varies quite a bit. In Finland, we usually got our empty gas bottle exchanged to a full one for about 20 euros. In Spain the price was often around 13 euros. That being said, the gas bottles are different in almost every country. That's why it's often more convinient to buy as much gas as you can fit in your RV or van before you leave your home country.

182 days of climbing

Including sport climbing, bouldering, traditional climbing and even some knot climbing. Come to think of it, we've seen a whole bunch of different crags during the year. We've visited some famous crags like Chulilla, Verdon Gorge, Ceüse and El Chorro, but also spent some time in a bit less known places like Poios, Fenda, Gandia, Kustavi and Olhava. Most of the time we've climbed outside, but the 182 days do include one or two indoor gym sessions as well.

During the 12 months on the road, climbing is not the only thing we did. We also hiked, jogged, surfed and even did some circuit training on the rainy days. All this means, that we've been excercising on at least 4 days every week for the whole year. Not too bad.

Last pics of El Chorro before leaving.

What about the following 12 months then? We're definitely going to get a bit more surfing done and hopefully about the same amount of climbing as last year. Maybe gain a little less kilometers and end up spending a little less Diesel and money as a result. I doubt that we'll visit any new coutries, but then again... you never know. Perhaps we'll end up in Morocco, since there's supposed to be some good climbing and surfing? Keep following our journey to find out.


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