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3 Reasons To Love Olhava, The Finnish Sanctuary Of Traditional Climbing

I almost want to ask you to stay away from Olhava. The amount of visitors has already left it's mark on the rock, campsite and nature surrounding the most popular crag in Finland. Despite all the efforts to keep the place clean, empty bottles, plastic bags and toilet paper can be found here and there. Comparing to some old photos, the vegetation around the campsite has started to look pretty suffering, too. So, what's so special about Olhava? Why does every Finnish rock climber try to make it to Olhava at least once a year? Why do tourists from Russia, Austria, Great Britain, Israel and many other countries around the world come there? And why should all the people visiting Olhava do their best to preserve the place? First of all, Olhava is a beautiful piece of Finnish Lakeland.  It's located in the area of Repovesi National park near Kouvola. The pond, the forest and even the noisy red-throated loons make Olhava a unique place to enjoy Finnish nature - there aren'