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Blueberry Pie On The Road

A few months ago a friend of mine asked: what can you cook in a motorhome? Do you guys eat just pasta and tinned food like when you're camping? Well, cooking in a motorhome is actually quite effortless and quick. A fridge, gas stove and sink make life easy, and you can cook many kind of meals in a motorhome. Some motorhomes also have an oven, but our's doesn't. I've really missed oven only once while living in a motorhome.  That was when I had picked up some yummy blueberries and was craving for some freshly baked blueberry pie. It's a traditional Finnish sweet pie and also the most delicious dessert I know. Vanilla sauce makes it even better. But, no oven means no blueberry pie. Or does it? You know women, when they're craving for something. Of course I came up with something that tastes like a blueberry pie, but doesn't require an oven to make. It might look more like a trifle, but to me it tastes surprisingly much like the blueberry pie my grandmoth

Kustavi (Gustavs) – The Finnish Mecca Of Crack Climbing

I find myself more and more interested in cracks and jamming, so Kustavi was a natural destination after returning to Finland. It's located in the beautiful coastline of south-western Finland and has a great diversity of crags dedicated to traditional climbing. Hopiavuori in Kustavi area is the place to learn how to jam. Kräkiniemi The north facing wall of Kräkiniemi is a great place to try and practice traditional climbing. There's a handfull of easy routes, that are also easy to protect even by a beginner. I doubt that you can find a more comforting place to start traditional climbing than the 10-15 meter high slab at Kräkiniemi.  Quite many of the routes have a clippable anchor, so you can concentrate on placing the cams and nuts without spending excess time at the top. If you're looking for something really easy, the route Masto (4) is an excellent choice for a warm-up. Amelie (4+) at the rightmost corner of the sector is no harder than that. It actual