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Multi-Pitch Climbing Around Lleida, Spain

St. Llorenç de Montgai St. Llorenç de Montgai is a nice little crag with variative multi-pitch climbing on limestone and conglomerate in the northern Spain. There are also some single pitch routes (quite hard ones), but in my opinion multi-pitch routes are the main attraction there. This post concentrates on the easiest climbs as the weather was so humid and hot when we visited St. Llorenç de Montgai, that there was no point trying to climb anything tougher. Talk about lush nature. If you don't mind the unpredictable stone quality at some sectors, the 80 to 180-meter routes in Sant Llorenç de Montgai serve as a good introduction to multi-pitch climbing.  There are plenty of easy routes, especially at sector La Formiguera and the grading is not so harsh. That being said, the older (?) routes are an exception. The easiest routes at sectors Esperó Remacha and Pared de l'Os are quite exciting and the bolting makes you want to climb extra carefully. If you decide to go

Hiking And Lukewarm Springs In Montanejos, Spain

Montanejos is a well known crag and tourist attraction in southern Spain. If you're looking for a definitive climbing guide to Montanejos, you can stop reading now. I only have some general information to share, since we didn't climb anything there. Instead, we hiked around the hills and took a few dips in the not-so-hot springs. Despite all the tourists, Montanejos is a nice place to spend a few days just relaxing and resting your joints. The squirming road leading to and going through the village seems to be popular among cyclists as well. Montanejos is a small village located midst beautiful forest and hills just a few hours' drive from Valencia. When you type 'Montanejos' on Google, most of the search results advertise the hot springs northside of the village.  The clear watered springs are indeed worth visiting, even though I wouldn't describe the water temperature as hot. It's closer to lukewarm, but of course hot sounds more luring and attract