Bouldering In Almenara, Spain

This is a mini-post about bouldering in Almenara, a village in southern Spain. It's a small place, where we stopped by when we started heading back north from Chulilla. I had only seen a few photos of the place on 27 Crags, so my goal was to just find the rocks and check out the place. But as it turned out, the boulders or actually more of a cave is a really cool place to climb! There are actual boulders as well (somewhere in the bushes), but I recommend going straight to Cova del Sol. It's within a 10-minute walk uphill from the night club Garaig in the outskirts of Almenara.

If you see something like this, you're on the right track

The routes at Cova del Sol are pretty special, since many of them are very steep, but juggy. I guess it's justified to talk about roof climbing. I don't know where to find a complete guidebook for Almenara or if there even is one, but some of the routes are listed on 27 Crags. You can have a good time there even without knowing the grades, though! There's enough chalk on the walls/roof to make out quite many of the routes. If you haven't done much of roof climbing, Cova del Sol is a great place to practice your hooks.

Pretty roofy...

If you go to Almenara, make sure to have at least a few crash pads and someone to spot you. Best if you have a whole gang of friends with pads, since you probably won't fall on your feet. At the back of the cave there was an old mattress, which worked nicely as an extra cushion too. A bit dusty, but soft.

More crash pads needed

To have a better understanding of the place, check out this video about someone climbing the route Año javatico (7a). Oh, and please let me know if you have more info on climbing in Almenara. Maybe there's a proper guidebook or photos of the rest of the boulders? Post all info on the comment box below.


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