Cheap, Easy And Quick RV Storage Solutions

Do you have some small stuff that you use all the time, but doesn't have it's own place? Yeah, a common problem in normal households as well, but if you live in a van or motorhome, it's way (I mean WAY!) more annoying. Loose stuff tends to fly around as you drive, plus there's no point occupying the table or seats with some random items. Here are some really simple and affordable DIY ideas to craft a holder for keys, shoes, flashlights, chargers, power banks and other small items rolling around.

Shoe holders

You probably have a few pairs of shoes, that you wear almost daily, right? Sneakers, climbing shoes or Havaianas cheap flip flops that nobody wants to steal so you can leave them to dry outside. Anyway, there's always at least one pair of shoes just hanging around, and you can't hide them in the hallway like in an apartment. Perhaps you have some kind of bag or box for shoes, but it's kind of tiring to dig up the right pair. The shoes also tend to get dusty, since they are on top each other.

After googling for some ready-made shoe racks and hangers, I decided to make one myself. I didn't want to invest a lot of money or time in it, so the solution isn't very decorative, but it works. I prefer using recycled materials, but this time I ended up buying it (some kind of shelf liner, paid about 4 euros for the roll).
You could easily use something like empty plastic bottles to craft a shoe rack, though. 
My inspiration was this wall mounted shoe organizer, and you can see the outcome below.

Flip flop holder


We've all lost our keys countless times. Even if they are usually found after a panicky two-minute search, it's pretty nerve-racking, don't you think? If there's no single dedicated place for keys, you're most likely to lose them time after time. I used to have a small pot for keys in my apartment, but that wouldn't work in a van. You still need a place for the keys, though. Some people tend to use small hooks, but I think the best solution is magnets. You can just grab the keys and go.

A simple key holder

Magnets also work for organizing spice cans. There are ready-made magnetic spice cans and racks on the market, but they are often pretty expensive. You can just as well glue a magnet on the lid or bottom of any container, that's light enough. Magnets are usually sold in craft stores and hardware stores.

Tool holders

Tool holders are a great way to keep everything with a handle in it's place. Kitchen utensils, flashlights, clipsticks and well... tools. We have a self-adhesive one as a sponge holder. I think it makes the sponge dry faster and smell fresh a bit longer. You can usually find tool holders from hypermarkets (cleaning or building department) and hardware stores (storage department).

A handy sponge holder

Wall organizers

When you live in a van, you've got to love all kinds of wall organizers. In a rental flat you might not be allowed to make any holes to the walls, but in a van it's the best (only?) way to make some more storage space. There's definitely no room for a dresser or some other storage furniture.
Wall organizers are easy to make and cheap to buy. 
Although, if you make one yourself, you can be sure it's just the right size.

Before we gave up our apartment, I made a few wall organizers with pockets to store toothbrushes, lighters, pens and other small items we use regularly. I was quite busy back then with a full-time job and a ton of stuff to get rid of, so I chose a fabric that doesn't fray (= no need to finish the raw edges). I ended up buying felt and some kind of material used for boat covers, which have both worked very well. The other organizer actually happens to be a good size for most climbing guidebooks as well!

Wall organizer for phones, wallets, sunglasses etc.

The internet is full of RV and campervan storage solutions, so finding a place for all your stuff is just a matter of being creative. Sure, you'll have to give up on some nice-to-haves before you move in, but you can definitely fit in all the essentials. I hope these ideas help you to make your home on wheels a bit more organized. Once everything is in it's place, you don't have to waste time searching for those keys once again.


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