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Cheap, Easy And Quick RV Storage Solutions

Do you have some small stuff that you use all the time, but doesn't have it's own place? Yeah, a common problem in normal households as well, but if you live in a van or motorhome, it's way (I mean WAY! ) more annoying. Loose stuff tends to fly around as you drive, plus there's no point occupying the table or seats with some random items. Here are some really simple and affordable DIY ideas to craft a holder for keys, shoes, flashlights, chargers, power banks and other small items rolling around. Shoe holders You probably have a few pairs of shoes, that you wear almost daily, right? Sneakers, climbing shoes or Havaianas  cheap flip flops that nobody wants to steal so you can leave them to dry outside. Anyway, there's always at least one pair of shoes just hanging around, and you can't hide them in the hallway like in an apartment. Perhaps you have some kind of bag or box for shoes, but it's kind of tiring to dig up the right pair. The shoes also tend to

Surprise In Gandia, Spain

Gandia. What a nice escape not far from the famous Chulilla . In contrast to the neverending vertical walls in Chulilla, Gandia is (all) about short, tough overhangs. There are several caves with seriously steep, almost roof-like routes, including weird tufas and hollows. The crag seems to be popular among climbers that have been spending some time in Chulilla, but need a short break from the busy climber's paradise. We spent a week in Gandia while heading to Chulilla from El Chorro , and almost got stuck there (too). Gandia Gandia is a crag surrounded by picturesque orange plantations, that give campers some shelter from the busy CV-675. Camping seems to be accepted among the farmers, although orange trees near the crag are heavily fenced.  Roadside camping is not my favourite thing in the world, but it's not like there's a ton of traffic on the road passing the crag. Once you've parked your car, walk a few more meters further down the road until you see a br