Cranky Climbing

There's going to be a couple of changes in the blog. At this point of the journey I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable expressing myself in English, so all the posts will be in English from now on. I'm hoping that it will develop or at least maintain my vocabulary when I get back to Finland. Maybe writing in a more international language will also reach some new readers and benefit a larger group of climbers?

In case this is your first visit on the site, welcome aboard! I'm living in a motorhome, travelling and climbing around Europe with my partner and dog. Apart from documenting our journey, the aim of Cranky Climbing is to gather some first hand information on European rock climbing venues and tips for life on the road in general. The three of us are from Finland, so there will probably be some definitive posts about Finnish crags as well. If you are planning a climbing holiday in Finland, don't hesitate to ask for some recommendations. At the moment we are in southern Spain.

Another thing that's changed, is the name of the site. I hope that you like the sound of Cranky Climbing (I do!). For my non-climbing audience, 'cranking' is a verb to describe climbing at or above your limits. It often means that you have to try the same route or moves over and over again, even though you have already fallen a million times. It requires deciveness or sisu as we call it in Finland. Anyway, remember to update your bookmarks to point to the new address

See you soon!


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